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3. New House in Hampstead, Haworth Tompkins, credit Fred Howarth.jpg

House In The Trees

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Aerial view north BW.jpg

House in Trees is a project for a new family home on a backland site in the Frognal conservation area in London. The site is heavily overlooked, constrained by a protected view and occupied by three large trees that need to be retained. The linear form of the house weaves between the existing trees and the building is kept low nestled into a terraced landscape. This project was a Haworth Tompkins commission that Matt worked on up to planning.


As part of the design process we created a large working model to test and communicate design ideas. The below concept model was exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show.

1. New House in Hampstead Model, Haworth Tompkins, credit Fred Howarth.jpg
First Floor Plan